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1.  My child is x years old and has played volleyball for 2 years. How do I know what level of training to sign him/her up for?

Answer: We don't classify our training sessions by age; we classify them by ability. Generally, if your child is not a beginner and does not play on his/her varsity high school team, then he/she should sign up for our intermediate-level training sessions.

2. Is your training open to boys and girls?

Answer: Yes, unless it's specifically designated "Boys" or "Girls" training.

3. How do I register for a session?

Answer: For some of our sessions, you can register on this website on our "Training Sessions" page. However, as stated on our Instagram posts, many coaches prefer you text them directly.

4. Will I get a confirmation of my child's registration?

Answer: You will get an automated text message, but not an email  If you did not get a text message, you incorrectly entered your phone number.

5. How do I pay for a session?

Answer: For most of our sessions, you pay the coach directly at the session. There are a few sessions where payment is made online when you register.

6. What should my child bring and wear?

Answer: Your child should wear volleyball or running shoes, knee pads, and bring a water bottle.

7. May parents watch the training?

Answer: Yes and we encourage parents to stay and watch in our Bar/Lounge area behind the netting.

8. How can I keep current with the training and clinics?

Answer: Follow us on Instagram @VolleyHawaii for our most current sessions.

9.  Is there a waiver to sign?

Answer: By signing up your child or simply entering our facility, you acknowledge that you agree to the terms of our waiver contained on this website.

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